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Infographic: C.I.A. Tip to Avoid Data Breaches

Infographic - RDS CIA data breach tip

The problem with 'Big Data'

If your company manages ‘big data’, you’ll know that these vast amounts of data have grown very quickly, and the sheer volume can increase your company’s security vulnerabilities. If not handled correctly data can be stolen, analysed and monetised by criminal cybergangs. Yet the processes we use to safeguard data have struggled to keep up with this challenge. 

Keep in mind simple principles

Anyone responsible for big data needs to understand the proper management of it from both a data regulation point of view and cyber security.  Technical Director and GDPR Practitioner of RDS Global*, Rob Kay has a useful tip. He advises that security and data-handling should adhere to the C.I.A principles. 

By keeping these front of mind, Kay states that a company will ‘‘demonstrate that the right access controls to the data are in place.’’ This will ensure that the data is only accessed and used in a way which complies with the data subjects’ rights, and that only the data required for the specific task is processed and stored.

*RDS Global provide big data tech solutions to a range of business sectors.