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Could You be 5Gs Next Victim?



There is no causal link between 5G and the Coronavirus. However 5G does have dangers... but they’re probably not what you think.


There is a large group of people who are very concerned about the health implications of 5G  despite the fact that it has been put in the same risk category as eating pickled vegetables[1] and using talcum powder[2]. There are no replicable studies that find a correlation between 5G and an increase in health concerns. There are anecdotal stories, but when examined they have statistically insignificant findings, and thus do not evidence a causality between 5G or the proximity to a mast and ill health. 

We Fight Fraud’s Head of Cyber, Solomon Gilbert explains why, and also why the real dangers of 5G may be far worse in the long run. Put simply, 5G uses non-ionising radiation[3][4][5][6]. This is all around us every day. Anything that pushes a signal through a wire - wifi, your phone, even your bedroom light - emits some form of electromagnetic radiation. Security researchers have even found a way of listening to frequencies generated by power cables of TV and computer monitors to reconstruct the image on the screen to monitor and understand the effects of this technology. [8] The other type of radiation, ‘Ionising radiation’, can be dangerous as it modifies the DNA of a cell by damaging the molecules which make up DNA, through the same means in which a microwave heats up your Friday night ready meal by flipping water molecules around. Ionising radio waves damage the bonds within human DNA, which can cause cancer. It must be noted that ionising radiation is very high energy and far above that experienced with 5G[3][4][5][6]. Sadly, some people have conflated  the concepts of ionising and non-ionising radiation[7]. This results in the notion that radio waves of any energy can generate cancer cells. 

There is real danger in this confusion and the fear it causes. Criminals use fear and confusion to their advantage. Through bogus products such as the memory stick that shields people from 5G using ‘proprietary holographic nano-layer technology’ to the faith healer in south London who sold miracle cures consisting of oil and red yarn, people are being scammed. In the first case, people part with their cash, but in the latter example, the price may transcend financial sacrifices as people's lives are at risk[11][13][14].

And as our reliance on technology increases, so do the dangers. Our entire infrastructure is being built around 5G technology, and this is exciting. However our tech experts believe that the speed of this expansion and innovation may at times lead to the sacrifice of robust and effective security. If we think back to May of last year, the cyber attack on Baltimore shut down the entire city, causing them to declare a state of emergency. Imagine the chaos if that were to happen now during Covid19. We must learn from these events and ensure that we advance technologically, whilst also being aware of the current limitations and security implications.  

In conclusion, there do appear to be some dangers to do with 5G, however it will not affect your health. If you’re at all concerned, leave a comment and our tech experts and training can elaborate on the research within this article. Computers don’t commit crime, people do; 5G doesn’t spread the virus, people do. 




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