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Fraud in Action: £283 for a £5 USB stick.


Didn’t understand that? Neither did we, and that’s because it’s the stuff of sci fi films. However, people are parting with £283 to buy a product that purports to protect them and their loved ones from the dangers of 5G using this fictional technology. The product is still for sale online.


Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 19.49.54Putting aside the indisputable scientific fact that 5G is in-fact harmless, We Fight Fraud still has qualms about the effectiveness and authenticity of this product. The item looks much like a USB 128gb memory stick, however it’s £278 more expensive than it’s identical clone. And there the differences stop, apart from a cheaply made sticker with the company’s logo. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Ken Munro’s (Pen Test Partners) and his team of cyber experts agree. His company specialises in detecting security vulnerabilities in electronic products, and they found no technological differences to a basic USB pendrive. This resulted in the operations director for the London Trading Standards to report that this was in fact a scam (BBC). 

However, Anna Grochowalska and Valerio Laghezza, the directors of BioShield Distribution disagree. Although unable to elaborate on the science behind it, they state that their product’s ‘uniquely applied process of quantum nano-layer technology [...] balance[s] the imbalanced electric oscillations arising from all magneto-electric fog induced by all devices such as: laptops, cordless phones, WLAN, tablets, etc.’ 

It’s exciting and compelling language, much like many sci-fi books, however I won’t be rushing out to buy one. I would advise that you don’t either, however if you do, I suggest you hurry. Munro’s team are working with the City of London Police's Action Fraud squad and within the next few days it is likely that the company’s website will be taken down. 

What does this teach us about cybersecurity? Don’t be convinced by words and phrases you don’t fully understand or if you can’t fully understand them, take advice from someone you trust who does. Yes, there’s a lot of very clever, hi-tech cybersecurity products which are doing an important job, but there’s also plenty of ‘proprietary holographic nano-layer technology’. Buyer beware!